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archive Altium footprints eC-test-mate Popular

ec-test-mate test head footprints -

archive Eagle footprints eC-test-mate Popular

archive eC-my-test Popular

eC-my-test Setup

New / fixed items:

  • Firmware update sometimes came with an error 'cannot open <s/n>'
  • New firmware for test head 1 and 2, allowing to set parity bits in UART communication

archive eC-test-mate Demo Board Scripts Popular

TEST-Mate I Demo

Script files for the eC-test-mate Demo Board. Use the import button of the PCB manager in eC-my-test to install the zipfile.

Version 1.1

pdf eC-test-mate Hardware Reference Manual Popular

eC-test-mate Hardware Reference Manual.pdf

Functional hardware description of eC-test-mate. Technical drawings of the footprints. Functional description of each pin.

pdf eC-test-mate leaflet DE Popular

ec-test-mate 09-2014v1(3).pdf

eC-test-mate information leaflet German

pdf eC-test-mate Set Up Manual Popular

eC-test-mate Set Up Manual.pdf

Quick install and setup of eC-test-mate on your computer

pdf TEST-Mate Brochure DE Popular


TEST-Mate information leaflet German

pdf TEST-Mate Brochure EN Popular


TEST-Mate information leaflet English

pdf TEST-OK Test Language Description Popular

Test Language Description.pdf

Test Language Description for TEST-OK Systems and eC-test-mate