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Efficient technology

Install on the fly | Start testing instead building

TEST-OK module are build in a structured manner. For the design of your module a PCB CAD system is necessary. This leads therfore to high precision probe positioning, always based on gerbers or orginal CAD files of your UUT. After finishing your TEST-OK module design the PCB's and TEST-OK materials must be used to assemble the TEST-OK module. New test scripts or modified existing script must be written in the TEST-OK test descrription language.

Building a TEST-OK module step by step



Design TEST-OK module by CAD

TEST-OK modules ae based on TEST-OK catalog mechanical parts. PCB materials can be ordered at local suppliers or at the TEST-OK portal.


TEST-OK parts

TEST-OK module mechanical parts are ordered at TEST-OK. PCB's can be ordered at a local supplier or the TEST-OK portal of Eurocircuits.


Solder the components

The components of the test circuits are soldered on the Connector Board


Assembly of mechanical parts

Some mechanical parts are mounted between the Connector Board and Spacer Board, such as standoffs and BEAMS.


Assemble the boards

Before the aluminum frame is build around the module, the Connector Board and Spacer Board are mounted.


Assemble the frame set

The aluminum frame will provide the board the final stability.


Mount the centering pins

From the top side, centering pins and FAST-LOCK pins are mounted.


Soldering of receptacles

Final job for finishing the Bottom Module is soldering the receptacles and place the test probes.


Bottom and Positioning module

After finishing the Positioning Module with FAST-LOCKS and peripheral pins, both parts of this module must fit accurately.


Controlling the position of the UUT

Last step before placing the module in the TEST-OK system is controlling the position of the UUT, and check if all components are free from the Positioning Board.