TEST-OK Catalog available for download

TEST-OK CatalogThe complete TEST-OK catalog is now available for registered users. Easily compare our test benches and test controller cards, and browse our module materials for the products that fit your specific needs. 

Test Benches
Test Controller Cards (TCCs)
Module Materials
19" Enclosures

TEST-OK now supports Eagle and Altium designer

Test OK Schiller BottomTest OK Schiller TopNow available are the 3D libraries of all TEST-OK mechanical parts for Altium. The libraries provide 3D information of FAST-LOCK's, Centering Pins, Receptacles and Connector Board lay-outs. A manual which explains the procedure how to generate the Connector Board, the Spacer Board and Positioning Board is available. (Images kindly supplied by Schiller AG)

TEST-OK portal at Eurocircuits

Module partsEurocircuits and TEST-OK developed a portal for ordering online the spacer board, connector board and positioning board. This service, in 5, 4 or 3 working days lead time, will optimize your ordering of TEST-OK modules. Please click here.

It  is possible to define two different sizes. The connector board can be ordered with two or four layers. The portal also offers the possibility to order full and half size Expansion Boards.

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Mai 2019 - TEST-TRACK 3.15.1 includes important new functions concerning the Test Sequencer (Stages), Printing and Reports, Panels (Configuration, Skipping Tests, and internal variables), Serial Numbers, and the possibility to add RMAs.

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June 2018 - TEST-TRACK 3.14.3 release includes support for the JT5705 JTAG TECHNOLOGIES Boundary Scan Controller and ProVision software, as addition on the support for the Goepel UCM controller and CASCON software.

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April 2018 - The new TEST-TRACK 3.14.0 release includes new functions with regard to the TEST-TRACK Test Description Language and Command Editor, UUT serial number configuration and printing functionality.

Test Description Language

PWM burst command: The option to specify a finite number of pulses to be transmitted was added.

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February 2018 - The new TEST-TRACK 3.13.0 release includes new functions with regard to the TEST-TRACK Test Description Language and Command Editor, and the the TEST-TRACK database and printing functionality.

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New TEST-OK video on YouTUBE

How the TEST-OK System works



TEST-Mate, example of usageeC-test-mate is our newest test equipment for functional testing of PCB assemblies. eC-test-mate consists of a series of three test devices which have a different combination of functions. For a detailed description, please take a look here or on the YouTube chanel.
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