TCC 640

Compact Test Controller Card with USB
TCC 640TCC 640
  • High precision analog and digital I/O
  • Compact, but still includes most industry standard communication interfacing, such as a UART, RS-484, CAN, I2C and SPI bus
  • Connects to a PC over isolated USB bus
  • Supports both MY-TEST and TEST-TRACK



The TCC640 Test Controller Card is a very compact test interface which nevertheless offers a complete range of test functionalities. Its I/O architecture is based on a DC voltage of 0 - 24V DC. (This applies to the adjustable power supply, and several digital and analog outputs, among others). The TCC 640 is connected over USB to a PC.


The card has a USB hub on board, which provides USB to the UUT, the backplane (in case the TEST-OK system has one) and two ports to the rear of the system. Furthermore the TCC 640 provides several communication interfaces to the UUT, such as a UART, RS-484, CAN, I2C and SPI bus. The TCC 640 has 64 connections. It is controlled over TEST-TRACK and MY-TEST test commands, and can also be controlled over an application programming interface (API).




Test Interface specifications

TCC 640 Test Signal Controller Card
Programmable Power Supply   1.2 - 24 V DC, 3 A
Current measurement, programmable overcurrent protection Resolution 1mA
2 Fixed Power Supplies 1 5 V, 1.5 A
2 28 V / 1.5 A
4 Analog Inputs   0 - 24 V, 5.9 mV resolution
4 Analog Outputs   0 - 24 V, 5.9 mV resolution
8 Digital Inputs with Schmitt Trigger 1 frequency measurement/pulse counter 0 - 24 V
4 pulse width/pulse counters 0 - 24 V
16 Digital Outputs (8 bi-directional) 2 groups of 4 bits with programmable logic '1' level 1.5 - 24 V
8 open collector outputs, capable of driving relays  
I2C Interface master  
SPI extension interface Additional in- and outputs  
1 Serial Channel UART 5 V
1 RS-485 interface   5 V, half duplex, 200 kHz 
SPI interface   78 kHz - 10 MHz
CAN   2-wire, 1-wire
3 USB over integrated hub Module, 2 backside

Full speed, galvanic isolated from PC


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