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| Hans Roelvink

The new TEST-TRACK 3.14.0 release includes new functions with regard to the TEST-TRACK Test Description Language and Command Editor, UUT serial number configuration and printing functionality.

Test Description Language

PWM burst command: The option to specify a finite number of pulses to be transmitted was added.

Manual Screen

The configuration of the voltage levels for the digital output groups are configured in the Dig I/O Configuration tab. Voltage level settings can now also be seen on the I/O tab of the manual screen.

Board Administration

Implementation of time saving Auto-run for groups

Serial number options for groups

Excluding failed boards is now also available for groups

Fill gaps in serial number range

This option will let you use all numbers in the range and will not leave you with any gaps.

Printing multiple labels/reports

It is now possible to specify multiple labels per UUT. In this way one can create one label with generic product information and one specific label for a single serial number