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| Stan Versluis

TEST-TRACK 3.15.1 includes important new functions concerning the Test Sequencer (Stages), Printing and Reports, Panels (Configuration, Skipping Tests, and internal variables), Serial Numbers, and the possibility to add RMAs.

With the new feature called 'Stages' it is now possible to attach multiple test steps (Stages). Each stage has a single test suite attached. The result of the total of these test stages determines the verdict of the PCB assembly (Passed, Failed, In Progress). A stage can be used to attach additional serial numbers to the UUT. One can therefore search on all available serialnumbers to find the UUT (for example a customer serial number, a MAC address)

Stages are supported in configurations with orders and without orders. An extra feature is the ability to define an additional serial number at a stage. Stages can be configured to start a subsequent stage when the previous stage is passed, or always (failed or passed).

Panels and Groups support stages.
Labels and/or test results can be printed at the end of any stage, so principally at any moment during the test of the UUT.
A new option to configure printers offers the possibility to print the same label or report from different printers on any location.

To handle parallel programming of microcontrollers in a PCBA or Panel in a more convenient way, some new advanced internal variables are added.