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| Hans Roelvink

The new TEST-TRACK 3.11.0 release includes new functions with regard to the TEST-TRACK graphical user interface, Test Description Language and Command Editor.

Changes in the graphical user interface at a glance

More customers are working with multiple TEST-OK systems and specific users, and dealing with an ever higher number of Board Types and Orders.

To improve the selection of boards or orders, TEST-TRACK now offers a new selection screen. The filter in this selection screen searches on any combination of characters (so in characters in for example the board name, description, order number, article number and so forth....).
So it is possible to find the right board or order on any field immediately, even by the input of a barcode scanner.

It occurs that customers are using all the fields or only a selection of the available fields in TEST-TRACK. To show only the fields really needed, and keep thus an optimal overview, two new types of info headers on the main screen are introduced, ‘Compact’ and ‘Extended’.

The compact header is build up by a new flexible grid. By clicking in the left upper corner the customer can make his preferred selection of fields. Besides or even together with this grid, it is possible to use the extended header as alternative. This header shows the information in groups. The groups and fields can be customized too, by using the right mouse button in the header areas.

As it is undesirable to reconfigure the header settings for new users and new computers, it'is possible to store these configurations in the database. This can be done for all individual users or groups. If stored for a group, for example ‘user’, any user added to the database will have these settings automatically.


  • New UUT selection screen for more information before selecting an UUT. This screen is activated when clicking the Board Type or Order Lines Button.
  • New Order and Board Type selection screens on main screen with selectable compact and extended layout
  • Selection screen fields can be fully managed (select preferred fields and order of these fields)
  • Selection screen has filtered input for fast searching and switching of orders and board types, barcode scanner supported
  • User level with only main screen visible and without buttons
  • Main screen customizable for individual users or groups and configurations are stored in the database
  • Main screen layout adaptable on 1024 x 768 towards 1920 x 1080 resolution and higher
  • New panel layout on main screen (support to up to 128 PCB's in panel)
  • Permissions on user level and managed by Permission Manager

Test Description Language: More configuration options for TCP


It is now possible to specify a custom timeout when configuring a TCP port. The Test Engine keeps trying to connect to the specified host, while the timeout is not reached. 
This is very useful when waiting for a host to come online and can result in faster testing.

Furthermore a condition-mode is added to the command, specifying the behavior of the command, when resulting in a failure.

  • CONFIG_TCP [ 1 ]
    HOST = "", PORT = 5000, EOL = CRLF,

The CONFIG_SERIAL command has been updated to include these optional settings.