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| Stan Versluis

TEST-TRACK 4.0.0 offers new functions concerning functions and doubles.

Release 4.0 offers a solution to add functions within a test script, or even to add functions in the script directory, as separated files. In case one uses the function as a script, a new tab is introduced. One can add as many functions as needed. 

With the introduction of "doubles", calculations within TEST-TRACK can be more complex, with fewer script lines.
To keep compatibility with previous releases, TEST-TRACK will always use the original method of calculations, integers, for a script to be edited. To have both options of calculations always availbable, within the test suite menu a pull down is available: with the following options "integer" and "doubles". After running the update 4.0, all scripts are labeled "integers". When creating a new script, it will be default configuered as doubles. It is of course possible to toggle the new script to integers.

Note: Within a test suite, all configurations must be of the same kind, doubles or integers.

Stand Alone mode
A new button in the menu bar has been added, to toggle faster between stand alone mode and working with the TEST-OK module in the system. The button will only be visible if there is no TEST-OK module in the system.