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TEST-TRACK 4.6.58 offers improved Track & Trace search, a new Scripts screen, that provides statistical data regarding test results and related KVPs and remarks, new commands.


Track & Trace search
Track & Trace Boards screen has a redesigned filters panel - new filters have been added and rearranged together with the already existing ones in order to provide better clarity on the relations between the different filters.
Together they allow for even more precise searches, bringing down the time and effort required to successfully identify the source of potential or already existing issues.

Newly added filters:

  • Sessions filter
    Controls the selection of test sessions to be used in the related filters - Test Suite, Test Result, Test Period
  • Sessions per board
    This filter can be used to show only UUTs with a specific number of test sessions, or a number above or below a specified threshold
  • Yield
    Filter UUTs according to their yield results - First session pass (FSP), First run pass (FRP) and their derivatives


Track & Trace Scripts screen
A new Scripts screen has been added to Track & Trace. It provides statistical information of scripts, KVPs and remarks.
It also enables the user to find UUTs based on scripts, KVP and remarks criteria that can be specified using the screen's filters.

Available filters:

  • Sessions filter
    Select in which session of each board to search in, in order to populate the grids structure
  • Script verdict
    Sspecify what the verdict of the found scripts must be
  • KvP Run Index
    Specify in which test run to search for, in order to populate the KVP related part of the grids structure


New commands
3 new commands have been added, that provide more information about the analog and digital outputs, as well as the communication ports (COM ports) available on the system.

    Reads the specified analog output
    Reads the specified range of digital outputs
    Get the COM port number by providing a name or a HID

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