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TEST-TRACK 4.6.75 includes a new Status Messages panel, improved CONFIG_CAN command as well as a number of bug fixes.


Status Messages Panel
A new status messages panel has been added to the top part of the Test frame. It shows the operator the next step to be taken in order to advance the testing procedures that are being performed. The messages are updated automatically in accordance to the current status of the system, which is a direct result of the actions performed on it, e.g. opening the cover, removing a UUT, changing a module, entering a serial number, etc. These messages can be modified, if for example more clarifications are needed, or a different language is necessary. Adding custom status messages is also possible and since they are custom, a button with the caption ‘Done’ will appear next to them, so that the user can mark them as done when needed.


CONFIG_CAN command
A new parameter has been added to this command, called ID filter. It can be used to filter received messages based on a specified message ID, when using the RECEIVE_CAN command. If the UUT sends messages with other IDs they will be filtered out.


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