TEST-OK system with dual side test probe contacting and Expansion Board option
TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE Backside
TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE Backside
TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE Backside
TEST-OK 4000 BPL-UE Backside
  • Dual side contacting of UUT
  • Compatible with TEST-OK Module system
  • Slot with 96 contacts for an Expansion Board
  • Includes TCC 1800-UE Test Controller Card
  • Includes TEST-TRACK test software
  • Calibration reports provided
  • Periodical recalibration on request

The TEST-OK 4000-B-BPL offers dual side test probe contacting of the UUT. The system includes the TCC 1800–UE Test Controller Card and TEST-TRACK software.

Besides the standard TCC 1800-UE an additional Expansion Board can be inserted. This board offers the possiblity to add electronic circuits, and scales up the system with 96 test chanels. TEST-OK offers standard Expansion Boards for Boundary Scan solutions.
Significant budget savings can be achieved if recurrent circuitry on a TEST-OK module is transferred to an Expansion Board.

The system supports the TEST-OK module system. In case downholders are necessary, TEST-OK 4000-B-BPL can be ordered with the Magnetic Downholder System. The system can be ordered with an optional 2x24 VAC power supply option.



Mains Voltage230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power250W
Width x depth x height605 x 565 x 305 mm
Weight35 Kg.
Transparant coverAs dust cover (standard)PETG 4mm
MaterialsSheet metal partsSteel and aluminium, ESD Powder Coating, no gloss
ColorRAL 7012 and RAL 9001
Max. number of contacts to TEST-OK moduleBottom3 x 96 spring loaded contacts (Pos. A, B, C)
Top3 x 96 spring loaded contacts (Pos. A, B, C)
With 2 X 24 VAC Power Supply Option2 x 14 spring loaded contacts (Pos. D)
Maximum dataUUT size (with peripheral pins)390 x 390 mm
Force on UUT by probes400 N
Handle force @ max probe force40 N


Options and ordering

ArticleInfoOrder code
Base system
TEST-OK Type 4000 BPL-UEIncluding TCC 1800-UE, TEST-TRACK and DongleTOA008080
PMMA 12 mm. Plate in ALU FramesetTOK 9736 Universal Magnetic Downholder System for AQ & BPLTOA009782
2 X 24 VAC Power Supply with Cover SwitchBuild in isolated power supply with cover switch, max output power 42VATOA004899