Testing software, specially designed for TEST-OK test systems


  • TEST-TRACK is a testing software to build and run test scripts, and administrate TEST-OK Modules and board types to test.
  • All test sessions and results can be traced by a track and trace function
  • Printing of labels and test results is possible
  • Support for single and multiple board types and panels
  • Database support for MySQL and MSSQL
  • TEST-OK Systems are delivered including TEST-TRACK software.
  • Extensive filering options, such as First Run Yield, First Session Yield, NOT first run yield etc.


TEST-TRACK software provides a solution to create a functional test by means of a test editor with a proprietary script language. TEST-TRACK offers also a rich set of logistical features typically required in a test environment.

The test sequencer which executes the test scripts, controls the I/O’s of the TCC 1800-UE test controller card that is integrated in the TEST-OK system hardware. There are more than ninety test commands available, including typical structural constructs like variables, arrays, functions, for and while loops, if-statements and more.

The script editor guarantees the development of error-free syntax. Debugging is made easy with the support of breakpoints in the script editor and the real-time manual screen. All TCC 1800-UE  in- and outputs, power supplies and communication interfaces are presented and can be adjusted.

Controlling and executing external programs and external test equipment from within a test script is supported. Communication over TCP/IP or a local COM port is possible. The TCC 1800-UE offers programmable power supplies, digital and analogue I/O, communication interfaces such as UART, USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI and CAN. Test scripts commands are available to control and handle all these interface.

Besides the script editor, TEST-TRACK allows the configuration functional test details, e.g. serial numbers of the UUT, the specific test suite, programming specifications, and the number of boards to be tested.

TEST-TRACK automatically detects the currently placed test module and presents the board types which are open to be tested. The correct scripts and serial number configuration is automatically loaded.

Test results are stored in a database and can be accessed and analyzed via the Track & Trace screen. This screen also provides functions to show and filter results on many criteria, such as test period, pass, fail, number of sessions and test duration. Measurement values are stored as Key Value Pairs, including its limits and comments. Important filters are available to analyze the quality of the test, such as filtering boards on first run yield, first session yield, and number of runs and sessions performed.

A report generator is available in TEST-TRACK for custom test reports and labels with various printing options. It is also possible to export data in CSV and PDF format.

English, German and Dutch versions are available. TEST-TRACK runs on Windows 10/64 bit versions.


Script Language
Easy to use test command editor
Break points
Step by step debugging
User defined functions
Local and by call to external script
Floating points
String manipulation
Lenght, Position, Trim, Evaluate....
Flow control
Waitms, Waitwhile, For, While, If, WaitTx, WaitRx, Fail, Skip
Pre defined command sets for:
Analog inputs & outputs
Digital inputs and outputs
Configure voltage of outputs (in groups)
Frequency and PWM measurement
COM ports
local PC
Insert map names for IO of Test Controller Card
Communication with external programmes and equipment
by VISA interface
Limits and Key Value Pairs
Local and global variables
Current measurement
Running external executables
By command line and with return value
Configure and run Boundary Scan Controllers
Goepel & JTAG technologies supported
Configure protocols
Start/Stop, EOL, Modbus, Packet Lenght, Checksum, etc.
Ask (Optional image)
User interaction
Show and Hide Message (optional image)
User interaction
Input can be any channel or an variable
Play windows sounds
Condition mode can handle remains of a specific test
Ignore, Continue, Abort, Abort all
Built in variables
UUT specific (used Hexfile, Serial number, Prefix, Suffix, UUT Type)
Built in variables
Test excecution (..., previous tests passed, ...)
Built in variables
Test sequencing (...Board position (in panel), No. of UUTs, Panel Size, No. of tests)
Built in variables
Test excecution (..., previous tests passed, ...)
Built in variables
Date, Time
Built in variables
Command specific (..., ID of last CAN packet, lenght of received packet, ...)
Built in variables
Miscellaneous (..., Company name, Host name (PC), Operator name, ...)
Board Configuration
Single board
Group of boards
Panel and boards in panel can have serial numbers
Boards in the panel can be skipped before and during testing
Panel serial number and boards serial numbers can be searched on
Panel and board serial numbers keep relation after test
Size and quantity of PCB in panel can be configured
User Acces Level
Select panel of user, company, and database
Restriced functionality for user levels
User has no configuration rights
Export function for database fields
Export Key Value pairs to CSV, select exported database fields based on testresult
Integrated report editor (FastReport)
Default reports for Test results, Labels and Test session
Default reports can be copied in Database and configured to needs
Labels can be printed at end of test
Passed, failed, never
Test Session
Failed test(s) can be repeated after request
Can be configured for each Board Type
Failed test(s) can be repeated after request
Within panel failed tests on different boards are repeated
Single test(s) within Test Suite can be configured as run always
Test time is stored in database (in ms)
For each test session seperately, total test per board, and if applicable for panel
Test Result

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