2 X 24 VAC Power Supply

    • Option for all TEST-OK systems and 19" systems
    • Option provides 2 isolated outputs of 24 VRMS
    • Built-in with cover switch
    • Controlled by TCC 1800 UE controller card or cover switch
    • I/O available to control relay on the TEST-OK module for swiching external power sources

A built-in 2x24 VAC - 42 VA power supply, provided as separated 2 x 24 VAC connections to the TEST-OK module. This 2 x 24 VAC option makes it possible to offer customer specific AC voltages on the TEST-OK module. Transforming the AC voltage from 24 or 48 VAC to the preferred AC voltage by a transformer on the TEST-OK module is a simple but effective solution.

In order to avoid any risk of electrical shock, the TEST-OK cover has a switch which cuts off the AC power supply whenever the cover is opened.
The test can be configured to ensure the cover remains closed during testing.

If more power is required than the 48 VAC power supply can provide, then it is also possible to use the cover switch in combination with a relay to switch an external power source.
When installed, TEST-TRACK will automatically detect this power supply. The TEST-OK system will get 14 extra spring loaded probes to the TEST-OK module.


Input(internally connected)
Mains Voltage230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power42VA total
Electrical interface
14 spring loaded contacts on TEST-OK module
Built-in switch on coverBypass on TEST-OK module by jumper is possible
Software interface
TEST-TRACK controlPower Supply 3 is available in Manual Screen and Test commands
A test suite can be configured to force the use of the cover switch to start up the test.
Electrical characteristics
Supply outputsFusedFlatcable and 2 x 4 contacts to TEST-OK module
InputsTo bypass the switch2 contacts
To controll a relay by use of the switch2 contacts
Total I/O14 pins (position D)

Options and ordering

ArticleInfoOrder code
2 x 24 VAC Powersupply with Cover SwitchAlways order togeher with TEST-OK system (all Sytems including 19")TOA004899