TCC Feed Through

    • Directly connects 192 module connections to three DIN 41612 connectors.
    • Enables the implementation of an external testing system.
    • Can be interchanged with a regular TCC card.

The TCC Feed Through card connects the TEST-OK module connections (3 x 64 spring loaded contacts) with 3 DIN 41612 connectors. This card allows customers to implement a TEST-OK system connected to external test equipment. The TCC Feed Through can easily be replaced with the TCC 1800-UE.

The TCC Feed Through card is used as an alternative to a regular TCC card. Instead of containing hardware and software for testing, the TCC Feed Through card simply transmits signals between the module connections and three external DIN 41612 connectors. Each connection on the modules is transmitted directly to a corresponding pin on the DIN connectors, allowing customers to implement their own external testing system. The TCC Feed Through can easily be replaced with the TCC 640, TCC 1800, or TCC 180-UE in order to upgrade the fixture to include TEST-OK’s testing hardware and software.


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TCC Feed Through Card 3 x 64 Positions3 x DIN 41612 connectorsTOA010288

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