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TEST-OK software

Easy to learn | Intuitive with ready-to-use test routines

All TEST-OK systems are equipped with TEST-TRACK test software.
With TEST-TRACK it is possible to realize your test ambitions, to guarantee the products quality and optimized its production process.

Development of test scripts

Important part of TEST-TRACK is the test script editor. With this editor, the parameters of 80+ existing test commands can be set to apply as test commands for your product. These commands are recorded in test scripts and automatically selected when the TEST-OK module is placed in the TEST-OK system. 

Performing tests

TEST-TRACK expects the input or generation of a serial number and the operator places the PCB on the TEST-OK Module, closes the system by pulling the handle and the test starts. The test commands are executed on the PCB and the test run and results appear in TEST-TRACK simultaneously. Per test script, a "verdict", passed or failed may eventually appear. The TEST-OK system is opened, the tested PCB is removed and a new PCB is inserted, and the next test session can be started.

Managing test data

All configurations, serial numbers and test results are stored in a database. So it is possible to trace the results of all tested products, including the different test sessions, software versions or other parameters. TEST-TRACK also offers the possibility to make reports and labels with this data. For direct output, a Windows-based printer can be configured.

The database is an important source of information about the quality of the product, from which both supplier and customer must be able to benefit. With the TEST-OK system it is possible to have a full profit from this information.