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About us

Efficient Test Design, Powerful Test Software, Modular Test Fixtures

Founded in 2008, TEST-OK offers a series of innovative test systems that allows production and development facilities to meet their test requirements. With our functional test solutions we help clients to increase test development productivity and reduce costs.
Besides the test systems, TEST-OK provides a wide range of standard module materials to efficiently design and build a dedicated test modules. To design and create the required test routines TEST-OK includes TEST-TRACK; a powerful application, based on a script language and many ready-to-use test routines. Debugging, adjusting and optimizing the tests, as well as the final product testing can all be done on the modular and robust TEST-OK Test Fixture. TEST-TRACK’s administration component includes track and trace functionality, storage of configuration and test results in a database and report functionality. TEST-OK systems are used by organizations in industrial, consumer, telecom and medical electronics and the EMS industry.

Future developments

The future of TEST-OK lies in the innovation of new test cards and mechanical systems with continuously increasing functionality and flexibility, as benefitting our clients.


Our mission is to make powerful, easy-to-use mechanics and applications for developers and manufacturers of electronic products. 

Demonstration of our products

Feel free to contact us in order to receive a demonstration or more detailed information about one or more of our products.