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Quick system overview



Animation shows the TEST-OK 4000 B-UE with TCC 1800-UE measurment card.

  • Location of the TCC card
  • Opening the system
  • Functionality of FAST-LOCK to fix the UUT

Test procedure with module

Animation shows the TEST-OK 4000 B-UE single side contacting system

  • Empty system
  • Concept of a TEST-OK module
  • Inserting a module
  • TEST-TRACK application


Animation presents the build-up of a TEST-OK module for a single UUT solution. 

  • Single side connection
  • Standard FR4 printed circuit board materials
  • TEST-OK Catalog materials
  • FAST-LOCK solution for downholding UUT


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TCC1800-UE reference

Test Language Manual

Release Notes


Image files

Several Zip-files with impressions of different TEST-OK systems. Also presented are TEST-OK modules for single, groups and panel test solutions. 

Dual Side

Single Side

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